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Large Crossbody Pouch

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Large Crossbody Pouch
Large Crossbody Pouch
Large Crossbody Pouch

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The Large Crossbody Pouch can be worn across the body in front for extra security, or slung around the back as a body hugging backpack. It can also be worn as a traditional handbag over the shoulder. There is a 7" interior zipper, and the entire bag can be securely closed with an exterior zipper. The strap is adjustable from 46" to 58" long. 

Since 1970, the sale of any python skin has been banned in the state of California due to inhumane slaughtering practices. Now you can enjoy the beautiful look and feel of python skin without the cruelty.

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Made of



12" x 8"


Black - SHIPS 3/2/2020, Midnight Blue


Wipe clean with a wet cloth

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