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Large Clutch "Alligator Belly"

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Large Clutch "Alligator Belly"
Large Clutch "Alligator Belly"
Large Clutch "Alligator Belly"
Large Clutch "Alligator Belly"

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We have always loved pouches of all shapes and sizes.  You can put snacks in them, makeup, wet bathing suits, phone and computer chargers, iPads and books, dog treats and leashes, and more. The possibilities are truly endless, especially in a life well lived. So go ahead – beat up this large rubber clutch, as she will always look elegant on the outside, forever masking what’s on the inside, like every good heroine.

The American alligator was listed as an endangered species in 1967. Hunted for their belly skin, illegal poaching was rampant through the 1970s, but slowed enough to remove alligators from the list of endangered species in the 1980s. We strive to do our part to preserve the populations of these majestic, prehistoric creatures so we never return to endangered status. 

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8.5" x 12.5"


Black, Burgundy, Grey


Wipe clean with a wet cloth

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